BY REBECCA BENNETT — The Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD) received a donation from Charmin consisting of 5,000 rolls of toilet paper last week.  This came as a part of the Charmin Relief Project, in which the company said it aimed to honor 100 firehouses across the country by giving them a year’s supply of  toilet paper.

Charmin said firehouses were identified by nominations in their local community.  HVFD was nominated online, according to a spokesperson for Charmin, but it was determined that the nominator intended to nominate a different firehouse.

Click here to see photos of where exactly HVFD is going to store all that toilet paper.

“HVFD graciously indicated they would like to pass along the donation to the intended firehouse.  Their act of selflessness shows true strength of character and we would like to honor them and say thank you,” a Charmin spokesperson said.

HVFD received 5,000 rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong Double toilet paper, which is actually a multi-year supply, HVFD said.