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Celebrating women-owned businesses

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Posted on: April 13, 2023

By Tara Goldstein

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Maryland has one of the highest percentages of women-owned businesses in the U.S.  In Laurel alone, there are many incredible businesses run by powerful, independent women. While March, which is Women’s History Month, is over, there are many ways to continue celebrating women and their success. One of the easiest ways is to support local women-run businesses. 

Lisa Everett
Courtesy of Lisa Everett

Laurel Manor House Bed and Breakfast : in*******@la**************.com","type":"person"}">Lisa Everett

Looking for the perfect place for a staycation to get your mind off of work while enjoying some delicious home-cooked meals? The Laurel Manor House Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place to visit. Owned by Lisa Everett and her husband, Dave Everett, the established business was actually one of the first registered bed and breakfasts in Princes George’s County when they opened, in 2018. 

To establish her business, Everett did everything from scratch, from getting the right permits to open, to setting up the website and figuring out the menu. While all of these challenges may seem overwhelming, she  enjoys the luxuries of running her own business and seeing her vision come to life. 

“I love that I make it what I want it to be,” Everett said. 

Opening up a bed and breakfast is something that Everett had always wanted to do. She and her husband have stayed in many bed and breakfasts, and she always took note of her experiences. When it comes to her own business, Everett pays attention to small details and does her best to make the space feel homey. Everett has always loved to cook and has been collecting recipes her whole life. She makes breakfast from scratch for the guests and loves planning menus. 

Everett loves her business and plans to stay in the house until she no longer can. 

Laurel Manor House Bed and Breakfast is at 1110 Montgomery Street  For more information, go to 

More Than Java Café: Tabitha Clark 

Since opening its doors in 2015 More Than Java Café has offered coffee, sandwiches and baked goods. Owner Tabitha Clark opened the business so she could follow her passions  for people and cooking. She describes the café as her “vision of love” and enjoys being able to apply her passion to provide for her family, friends and community. 

Clark started the business herself, and while the pandemic presented one of the biggest challenges she’s had to face, the business was able to survive, even under circumstances that overwhelmed so many other businesses. 

I have a saying in my family that I was born to be an entrepreneur. In my years on Earth I have always had a business of some kind,” Clark said. 

More Than Java Cafe is at 358 Main Street.



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