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Bri-Bet Group Launches Tactical Training Division

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Posted on: April 17, 2013

The Bri-Bet Group, a rapidly growing protective services provider, is pleased to announce the launch of Bri-Bet Tactical Training, a full-service, reality-based training company for public servants and security personnel, corporate and small businesses and individuals.

Apr. 16, 2013BALTIMOREThe Bri-Bet Group fully understands that properly trained personnel are of the utmost importance when mitigating damage and/or loss of life during critical incident situations. To help ensure personnel are properly trained, The Bri-Bet Group has created its newest division, Bri-Bet Tactical Training.

Bri-Bet Tactical Training is dedicated to the educational advancement of law enforcement, corrections and security professionals as well as corporate and small business entities through the presentation of specialized courses and seminars. Bri-Bet provides superior training utilizing innovative, tested and proven tactics from instructors who actively teach these skills domestically and abroad. Bri-Bet’s Instructor Cadre is comprised of certified instructors and operators from the military and law enforcement Special Operations Communities (Special Forces, SWAT, HRT and SRT, etc..), who’s primary objective is to teach students the requisite skills needed to survive in any conflict or environment. Each of Bri-Bet Tactical Training’s instructors are experts and leaders in their respective fields and possess the training, knowledge and experience to provide instruction at the highest level.

“All tactics and techniques taught during Bri-Bet Tactical Training’s courses of instruction are combined using classroom learning and realistic training scenarios to enhance the student’s tactical skill set”, states Brian Kunkel, President and CEO of Bri-Bet. “Students attending Bri-Bet’s courses will develop the confidence and decisiveness needed to make sound decisions in any urban or rural environment. All of our courses have been created using industry best practices from both the military and law enforcement professions, in conjunction with the vast real-world experiences of our instructors.”

Bri-Bet’s courses of instruction range from 90 minute presentations to 2-week courses of instruction and can be provided for individual instruction up to conference-sized instruction.

Some of the noted classes being offered by Bri-Bet’s Tactical Training Division include: Active Shooter in the Workplace, Active Shooter for Law Enforcement, Combatives & Hand to Hand Combat, CPR PRO/AED, TASER, Instructor Development, Firearms, SWAT/Assault Breaching and Wilderness Emergency Care.

Editor’s note:

Bri-Bet Tactical Training is a new division of Baltimore, Maryland based The Bri-Bet Group, a rapidly growing full service provider of risk mitigation services in the Baltimore/Washington DC metropolitan region. Bri-Bet Tactical Training’s goal is to become the Mid-Atlantic region’s leading training company specializing in Vulnerability Management, Regional Stability and Customized Training Solutions for law enforcement, corrections and security, military and corporate organizations. The Bri-Bet Group continues to focus on building strong and long-lasting partnerships with their customers, employees, and partners in business. For more information about this and other Bri-Bet Group ventures, please email or call Brian Kunkel at br**********@br*****.com or (443) 278-4477, Ext 401, or visit Bri-Bet’s website at




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