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Bri-Bet Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

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Posted on: February 1, 2019

Baltimore, MD. (February 1, 2019) – Bri-Bet Security Solutions, a full service provider of security and risk mitigation services hits a significant milestone as the rising security company eclipses ten years bringing solutions to many clients in the Mid-Atlantic region.

“Any start-up or small business will tell you the first few years are the biggest hurdle,” said CEO Brian Kunkel.  “We’re no different.  This has not been easy and without the right employees and our loyal clients, we wouldn’t be celebrating our tenth anniversary this month,” Kunkel said.

Bri-Bet began with little fanfare in a small Middle River, Maryland townhouse in 2009.  “We saw a need for an increased security capability beyond what was being offered at that time,” Kunkel said.”  “Certainly information and asset protection came to the forefront following many headlining events such as cybersecurity breaches, domestic and international terrorism, power grid and infrastructure interruptions and soft target exposure,” Kunkel said.  “We knew it was time to launch a security and risk mitigation company that worked with its clients to assess and determine their vulnerabilities and develop comprehensive plans to help them become harder targets”, he said.

The company’s clients include federal and local government contractors, corporations, small businesses, law enforcement agencies, special event organizers and private entities.

Bri-Bet has experienced significant growth over the last three years.  That growth, along with the development of the Route 43’s White Marsh Business Park and a need for more space led to the company opening their first non-residence office last year.  “Now we are truly out there among some of our clients and our storefront alone has attracted new clients,” Kunkel said.  “We thank everyone for their support during the first ten years and look forward to seeing where we are at when we get to our twenty year celebration”, he said.

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