By MARIA D. JAMES — On December 10, the College Park City Council passed a motion to “Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and enter into an agreement, subject to approval by the City Attorney, in an amount not to exceed $30,000 with the Hyattsville Community Newspaper, Inc. for startup and advertising costs associated with a new College Park local newspaper.”

Operations for the College Park local newspaper will be modeled after the Hyattsville Life & Times, which is published by the Hyattsville Community Newspaper – a 501c(3) nonpro­fit corporation. A printed edition will be distributed by U.S. Mail to every residential address in the City of College Park and additional copies will be distributed to libraries, selected businesses, community centers and churches in the city.

The College Park newspaper is expected to launch its first edition in early spring and will focus primarily on news and events happening in the City of College Park. Volunteers interested in opportunities for positions as a member of the board of directors or on the editorial staff should email