BY REBECCA BENNETT — On a GoFundMe fundraising page, Sarah Yazvac, a Hyattsville Elementary School (HES) art teacher, said the school needed a drying rack.

“I am the first full time art teacher at Hyattsville Elementary in many years,” Yazvac wrote. “Prince George’s Public Schools in Maryland is putting alot of effort into revamping their elementary art program but we still do not have everything we need. Elementary students love to paint! We need a drying rack to place our beautiful works on while they dry. Drying racks are expensive and the school does not have the budget to buy our own.”

Yazvac’s Gofundme had raised $670 of the $500 needed to buy a drying rack. Yazvac said that shipping costs were estimated, and any funds raised above what is needed will go to purchase supplies for HES artists.