The City of Hyattsville Police Department released an alert saying someone is “spoofing” the department’s non-emergency telephone number (301-985-5060).
When you receive a call from the City of Hyattsville Police, the number that will show up on caller identification will be 301-985-5000. The fraudsters are calling from a number that shows up on caller identification as 301-985-5060. The alert states that the callers may ask for money to benefit the police department, or they may tell the person who answers the phone there is warrant for their arrest and if they pay some money the issue will be resolved.
Police say this is a scam and investigators are aware of it. The police department will not call and ask for money, nor will officers try to negotiate money over the phone to make a warrant go away.
If you have any questions or believe you are a victim, call the police department at 301-985-5060.