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Posted on: August 5, 2016

Bri-Bet Group Launches Marijuana Grow Facility Security

Baltimore, MD (July 1, 2016) – The Bri-Bet Group, a rapidly growing protective services provider, is pleased to announce a new Specialized Security Program with the launch of its Marijuana Grow Facility Security services.

Bri-Bet’s security experts fully understand that no matter how unassuming your Marijuana Grow Facility’s location may seem; the facility will always be a target for individuals looking to exploit the cannabis industry.  Marijuana grower’s viability is directly tied to effective security measures.  Bri-Bet is prepared to help meet those critical security needs.

“Without the appropriate physical security measures in place, a Marijuana Grow Facility is easily a “soft target”, said Brian Kunkel, President and CEO of Bri-Bet.  “We provide our clients with highly skilled and experienced law enforcement and security consultants who will develop a comprehensive Physical Security and Threat Assessment and provide a highly trained protection force to mitigate threats and security risks your facility may encounter.”

Bri-Bet only employs the most qualified security professionals in the industry. We select current or retired federal agents and state and local law enforcement officers and offer the talents of experienced military personnel who possess special operations backgrounds. Bri-Bet is one of the first security companies in the region to use the talents of our military’s Wounded Warriors to help ensure our client’s protection.

Founded in 2009, the Bri-Bet Group is a trusted choice for clients requiring professional risk mitigation services, public safety supplies and tactical training.  The Bri-Bet Group; with its three specialized divisions: Police Supply, Security Solutions and Tactical Training, continues to gain a strong foothold in the Baltimore/Washington region with its highly sought after products and services, specialized security solutions and highly trained and experienced cadre of training instructors.

The Bri-Bet Group continues to focus on building strong and long-lasting partnerships with their customers, employees, and partners in business.  For more information about this and other Bri-Bet Group ventures, please email or call Brian Kunkel at br**********@br*****.com or (443) 278-4477, Ext 401, or visit Bri-Bet’s website at



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